Massage is a deeply restorative body therapy that can soothe the soul as well as sore or tired muscles. We encourage you to communicate with your therapist to ensure that he or she understands precisely what you want—so you can work together to maximize your treatment.  Also, please inform him or her of any medical conditions or medications you are taking. No massage can be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Swedish Massage
Incorporates long gliding strokes and kneading techniques on the upper layers of the muscles.  This massage relaxes muscles, improves circulation, increases range of motion and stimulates the skin and nervous system. It enhances balance and harmony while creating a sense of relaxed well-being. Haven’s Signature massage oils reduce excessive friction and nourish your skin.  Pressure can be light to medium.                                                    
Half hour ………. $75                                                            
Hour ……………..$125                         
Ninety minutes …$150

The Geek Massage
An intense combination of therapeutic stretching and targeted deep tissue work that focuses therapy on the upper body -- back, shoulders, neck, chest, head and arms. Created to address and relieve the myriad of problems that result from long hours hunched over a computer, this massage helps relieve muscle spasms, aches, lack of mobility, headaches, and muscle tightness. Includes a set of T Spheres (purified aromatherapy infused rubber massage balls) that are used during the session and then given to take home to utilize for trigger point work on individual specific issues.

Return with your T Spheres:

Add on 15 minutes of lower body work....$35

Deep Tissue Massage
This type of massage therapy delves deeply to reach muscle, fascia and connective tissue.  Applied judiciously by a skilled practitioner, it may help improve posture, ease movement and release chronic tension. Pressure is strong.
Half hour ………. $75
Hour ……………. $125
Ninety minutes …$150             

Pre-Natal Massage*
Designed for the mother-to-be in her second and third trimesters, this gentle massage focuses on the discomforts of pregnancy. Relax yourself and your baby! All products used are safe for mother and baby.
Ninety minutes…$150
*only performed during second and third trimester

Stone Massage
Smooth, polished basalt lava stones are heated and placed strategically on areas carrying stress.  The stones are then used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to penetrate deep into the muscles for maximum muscle relaxation.
Hour …………….. $135.                                   
Ninety minutes … ..$175.

Herbal Poultice Massage
A deep heat medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th century Thailand when a hot pack was administered to war-soldiers returning from battle. A dried bag of herbs is steamed and applied directly to the body. The heat combined with the herbs from the poultice is absorbed by the body and helps reduce aches and pains and increase lymphatic drainage. It incorporates three massage modalities to alleviate sore muscles, back and joint pain as well as reduce stress, detoxify and energize. 
Ninety minutes……...$170

Head, Neck Recovery Herbal Poultice Massage
Described as a transcendental experience, this treatment uses a hot steamed bag of herbs and three massage modalities on the back, neck, shoulders, face and skull to bring a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release tensions and revitalize the mind.
45 minutes…………$105

Added on to any massage
30 minutes…………$70

Shiatsu Massage**
Although similar in nature to acupressure, Shiatsu is more vigorous and rhythmic with pressure point manipulation and deep stretches. Shiatsu incorporates the use of elbows, fingers, thumbs, palms and fists to encourage the release of tension from the body. Pressure is medium to deep.
Ninety minutes…$150
** Please bring comfortable, loose clothing. Performed on a mat.
Reflexology Massage
Working with the ancient understanding that all areas of the body have corresponding points in the feet, this therapy uses gentle pressure applied to carefully selected reflex points in the feet to unlock tension and stress. This massage will stimulate circulation, relieve stress, promote overall relaxation and release energy throughout your entire body. 
Half Hour………..$75

Head Hands and Feet Massage
This therapy combines reflexology techniques on the hands and feet with a relaxing scalp massage to provide relaxation and detoxification.
45 minutes….$100

Therapeutic Stretching
Helps regain normal range of motion in joints, re-establish mobility of soft tissues that surround joints and elongate shortened muscles. Great to increase flexibility of parts of the body prior to exercise, and to elongate muscles after strenuous exertion. Also helpful in restoring a knotted-up form resulting from stress or repetitive activity or inactivity.
45 minutes………$95

added on to any 30 or 60 minute massage:
15 minutes ……....$35
30 minutes …........$60